A.C.E Appetite Control Energy-all natural weight loss dietary supplement

How to become a distributor of Saba- ACE products.

What you will need to enroll.   Credit Card–social security #.

The want to help others and yourself as you grow your business.


Step 1: Select your choice from several enrollment options:

$59 Starter Pack,   $109 Starter Pack Plus   $235 Accelerator Pack   $435 Momentum Pack *Best Value
Each pack comes with a comprehensive business kit.


Step 2: Choose your product:
Saba Pomegranate   Saba Borojo     Natural A.C.E Appetite Control & Energy Formula   UROPOWER Prostate Health for Men     A variety of product combinations give you flexibility to create an enrollment pack that is just right for you.   Contact Associate Services for complete details. Step 3: Select your Monthly Auto-Ship.  Choose from a variety of product options you want delivered right to your doorstep each month:


  •   $50 Level, Qualifies you for 10% pay leg commissions
  •    $100 Level or more, Qualifies you for all levels of commissions

More information and the join button   http://extraincome.sababuilder.com

Come be a part of my team we will grow the business together.





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Comments on: "How do I start selling ACE-Saba products?" (33)

  1. Dasie
    go to http://extraincome.sababuilder.com and you can join from there. If you would like to talk about it call me at 270-684-7933

  2. dasie said:

    I would like to sale th ace Pills

  3. Maribel,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. ACE is an amazing product. You are making a wise decision in becoming and SabaACE distributor.
    You have the number one advertisement—your weight loss.

    I would be glad to help you get started selling. Have you talked to the lady that helped you with your ACE to see if you could enroll with her?
    That should be where you start unless you for some reason would rather be under someone else.
    Getting enrolled is easy all you need is you information and you SS# and CC# to get you going. You can start for as little as $59.00 plus shipping and tax.
    you can go to http://extraincome.sababuilder.com if you do not wish to enroll with the one you have been getting the ACE from. Would love to have you join my team.

  4. Maribel De La Cruz said:

    I’m Now so interested in becoming a distributor myself… I’m a student @ a cosmotolegy school n I had started on a 2 wk trial a distributor had givin me n I dropped inches ,friends n other students notice n asked me wat I was doing n I said ACE Product so they wanted to try it I den started promoting it. And sending customers to her n she would give me 2wks for free I’ve now lost 20pds in 1mth but now I need more pills n my spouse wants to try them n I also have others friends who want to buy them … I thinks its best for me to sell them ….

  5. Adam, Thank you for asking about the retail business of ACE Saba products. Please give me a call at 270-684-7933 as I can better explain the answers to your question. There are several ways of getting the discount and in different amounts. As far as the shipping that would be according to how much you order at a time. The lowest monthly shipment is the $50.00 auto ship and it contains 1 bottle and 7 trial packs. Please give me a call, would love to help answer your questions. ANY ONE wanting more information I will be happy to talk with you.

  6. Hi there Cathy,

    I am not interested in building a downline, however I am interested in the retail profits. I understand that pricing varies based on volume. What is the lowest price point that I can get with auto-ship? How many units of Saba ACE do I need to buy on a monthly basis to achieve the lowest possible price point?

    Additionally, how much does Saba charge for shipping?

  7. Teka,
    Call me 270-684-7933. I can better answer your questions and explain to you on phone than by email. Thank for asking!!

  8. Teka VanMarter said:

    I want to start selling ACE. I have known about the product for 2 years now and wish I would of jumped on board then. It is now exploding here in Oklahoma. My question is this. How do I just buy direct without having to go through other people to order my bottles? What is the flip my box thing I keep hearing people talk about? These people are selling and have told me that I would need to go through them? Not to sure about this procedure. I want to be able to buy direct and not have to go through someone who goes through someone who goes through someone….. Thank you, Teka

  9. Ivonne,
    Yes you can sign him up and you can work the business. It is a good business to be in!

  10. ivonne said:

    My husband wants to sign up as a distributor but wants me to run it for him, can I do that!?

  11. Kayla said:

    Would like to learn more about about saleing ace

  12. You can go to this link http://sabaace.info and put in your information and you will be enrolled look at all the tabs it gives you more information on the many ways you can make money with this product. I would love to talk with you on the phone and answer your questions more direct to you 270-684-7933. There are many different packages to start you business with, from $59.00–$435. All you need to do is put you SS# to get you started and your CC# for payment. This is a booming business. At product that is changing peoples lives and their financial well being. Thank you for asking. Come join my team lets grow your business together.

  13. Esmeralda Gonzalez said:

    want some info on how to start selling Ace

  14. Crystal,You can order larger kits if you would like to start with more. I do know some people have friends wanting to buy and they will sometimes pay up front so the new distributor can go on and order more and get the business going. The larger the pack the better price is on them so you make more when you sell them.. You sell them for $1.00 per pill. NEVER OPEN BOTTLES if selling less than bottle of 60 sell the trial packs. Give me a call and I will be glad to talk with you and answer your questions.
    Cathy 270-684-7933

  15. Crystal Wilson said:

    I would like to get started on selling the product, but I have questions. If you only get one bottle for $59 then how do I sell more in order to make money to order more?

  16. Sharla,
    The packs are as follows. If you are becomming a distributor they witll enclude product catalog flyers of several products and you also get a back office you can order you products through and enroll customers. If you are intending on building a down line then you would want to stay on the monthly shipments to qualify you for any commissions earned or bonuses. As a distributor or preferred customer you can put your shipments on hold at any time and still get the product at the preferrred rate of $44.00 a bottle.
    packs $59.00 includes 1 bottle and 7 trial packs..$109.00 includes 2 bottles and 14 trial packs…$235 includes 6 bottles..$435 includes 12 bottles or 10 bottles and 50 trial packs. There will be shipping and your state tax added to all orders. You are not in a contract and YES you can stop the monthly shipment at any time. I would like for you to wait at least 2 weeks after you enroll before you stop it so I can get my credit for enrolling you. Feel free to give me a call 270-684-7933

  17. Shala Moore said:

    What all comes in the accelorater pack and momentum pack and I was also wondering if I ordered this could I cancel my monthly ship shortly after if I needed to?

  18. Michell I will call you one day next week and annswer your tax questions,that way I can explain more about the business and the many ways you can earn in it. Thanks

  19. Michelle, You will get the log in id and info from the company. I will be here to help you along the way. I will walk you through learning the business. When you have a question call me. That is what I am here for is to help and lead you. You should have already received the thank you from me. You should get your Id and pass code by days end Monday. Welcome to my team. I am excieted about working with you!!

  20. michelle said:

    Okay thank you. I just completed transaction with starter kit for $109 and also the auto ship of two amonth.. but my questions now are, how do I log on to add additional bottles between auto shipments so i wont have to order kits everytime because it didn’t ask for log in user name and to create password and also at tac season will I havw to do tax form for this? Thanks in advance, Michelle

  21. Michelle,
    No Contracts to selling. You you can cancel at any time. That depends on how many bottles you buy at a time,starting around $20.00. Yes you can order as many and as often as you need to. There is one free processing page that people can join the business from. For purchasing the ACE only I suggest you get the Sababuilder/lovemyace site. $1.00 the first month and $19.95 monthly after that. It will generate enough ,it usually pays for itself. My suggestion!!
    Please call me and I can answer you more in depth if you like 270-684-7933 Thank you for taking the time to ask:)

  22. michelle said:

    hello I have a few questions.. are their any contracts when signing up to sale? can you cancel at any time? how much money do you make per bottle? can you order more bottle to sale between auto ships? do you get free webpage? thanks

  23. Crystal you will get 2 bottles of 60 and 14 trial packs that have 2 each in them. to join go to
    or call 270-684-7933 Thanks for you interest! :)

  24. crystal said:

    Iam instrested in the 109 starter pack what all will I get with that

  25. I will email you,Ivie

  26. I am a little confused on this I was looking at becoming a distributor but have a few questions, but I’m not finding any answers on their web page

  27. Donna,
    With the $59.00 kit you get one bottle and 7 trialpacks. Give me a call and I will explain more and answer any questions you have. 270-684-7933

  28. Donna,
    yes, you do and the more you purchase the more discount you get.

  29. Donna Lantz said:

    How many bottles of diet pills do you get in the $59 pack?

  30. Donna Lantz said:

    If I sign up to sell your product do I get a discount? Also, which is the best package to get?

  31. Amy,
    Thank you for asking on how to become a distributor. It starts as little as $59.00 plus shipping and tax. You will need you SS# and CC# You can select a larger start package of you like. you can go to http://sabaace.info and join from there or call me at 270-684-7933 and I will answer your questions and get you started in your business.

  32. I would like to know how I can go about how to sell ace what do I need to do how much dose it cost

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