A.C.E Appetite Control Energy-all natural weight loss dietary supplement

I had a new customer to call me this week. She wanted to sign as a preferred customer.

She told me she had bought ACE DIET PILLS from the AMAZON site.

When she opened them, the pills were BLUE…..REAL ACE PILLS  are NOT BLUE.

She said it look like someone had printed a seal label and glued it to a real ACE bottle.


You must be safe.  If she had not known that was the wrong color for ACE…..who knows how that could have turned out.

Just because it is cheaper????? which do you want?????? CHEAP—-or the real thing and SAFE!!!

$1.00 a pill is not too much to pay for a life changing diet supplement.

I am a Saba -ACE Independent Distributor.  All my products are factory sealed.

http://weighless.net   for the preferred customer discount

athy@weighless.net for smaller amounts or direct purchase.   Thank you!  Please be SAFE!


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Comments on: "ACE DIET PILL WARNING——FAKE PILLS–bought through Amazon" (78)

  1. Teri, If you are referring to the ACE yes they have a smell. The new formula smell different from the original formula. The raspberry ketones have a higher smell.

  2. do they have a smell to them?

  3. Cory
    You have the real thing. The color on the seal may change.The one you have sounds like the original formula.
    The new formula will be a light tan to a pink color in a clear capsule. Thanks for checking

  4. my bottle was double sealed and the pills are clear like you said but the words on seal inside are black not red could this be a fake

  5. They now have a fat burner in it and there are many new ingredients to boost your metabolism. The fitness experts are saying this is a better formula for performance.
    I still love it. I still get the energy from it,it is even smoother than before and the mental clarity is great. I still have the appetite control if not better than before.
    Just improvements as with anything else.

  6. ileana baez said:

    Thank you for the information. One more question. Why do they have a new capsule out?

  7. Ileana, The first formula of ACE is in a clear capsule with a dark greenish-brown powder in them.
    There is now a new formula, these capsules are clear with a yellow-tanish color powder in them.
    I hope you are getting the real ones. They should also be double sealed the outer seal around the cap is clear.
    The inner seal is white with the words sealed for your protection in red. This is what all the bottle I have seen are done with.

  8. ileana baez said:

    Hello. My name is ileana and i purchased 2 bottles from amazon already and they were a dark color. Now i ordered 2 more bottles and they look different. They are clear capsule and brown powder. Is that the real thing???

  9. Well when I was taking 2 one in the morning like 7 am to 8 am with food and a glass of water and one in the afternoon I would take one with water and food but at night I’d still get hungry so I took a third pill last night and didn’t get hungry..I talk to the person who sold it to me she said for me to take with a lot of water and also told me to take 2 in the morning and one in the afternoon..

  10. Sara,
    The way you are describing is the way I did at first. I lost inches before I started losing pounds.
    How are you taking you ACE and how many? If three is what it take for you to get through the evening and you are not having any problems sleeping that is fine. NEVER take more than 4 in 24 hours.Sound like you are on the right track. Everyone’s metabolism is different. You didn’t gain it all at once and you may lose it slower than others. Thats ok as long as you lose. I am one of the slow loosers.

  11. Hi my name’s Sara and I’ve been on ace for about a week now. Doesn’t look like I lost weight but my friends and family say I look skinner. Can you tell me why’s that? I got sad when I stepped on the scale..I drink lots of water and eat healthy..oh and at night I get really really hungry so I eat apple’s or peanuts or a banana why is that…also today I took a third pill and Im not hungry..is that bad to take three?

  12. You can go to my site. http://energyandfastweightloss.lovemyace.com for the preferred customer discount.
    You can also order direct from me at my email cathy@weighless.net for $1.00 per pill.

  13. Sarah said:


    Hello i was wondering if you know a place to purchase the real pill or if you could direct me to the real saba ace pills site so that i may order them from there. There is a bunch of fake sites out there to so want to make sure i get the right one!

  14. Amy, I am also sending you an email. You do not have to have someone in your area to get your business started.
    I will be glad to help you get going and will help you all along the business journey if you will just stay in contact with me.
    Here is the link to become a distributor http://sabaace.info or call me 270-684-7933. I will help you understand what and how toget this business going. Now is a great time as you know of no one in your area. You will have a jump on it.

  15. Hi Cathy I was talking to a lady out of Texas who sent me samples of the ace product in the mail along with alot of paperwork I read over. I really like them and want to become a distributor. I cannot find anyone by googling it that sells in my area and I cannot get the other lady to respond. I am not sure how else to check for distributors in my area. I live in Southeast Missouri . I feel this would be a great opportunity for myself, especially if no one in this area is a distributor here. I found where I could sign up to do this online but I wasn’t sure if it was best to do it independently or go through someone else.

  16. you may have gotten the real ones. If you find yourself having a bigger appetite then you might have gotten the fake ones. Were they double sealed under cap and around the neck of the bottle. Hope you Did get the real ones..if so enjoy your ACE

  17. Julie, I know most people notice they go to urinate more often but have not heard of actual pain in the kidney area.
    Be sure and drink lots of water. See if it helps water water.

  18. Julie said:

    I took my first ACE pill yesterday, is it normal to have a little pain in my kidney area?

  19. Emily said:

    I bought Ace from Amazon too! I received mine today, the pills are the normal color and look identical to the real ones. Is there another indication that they may be fake?

  20. Nathalie,
    The REAL ACE are clear capsules with a dark greenish-brown powder inside. Make sure they are double sealed outside and inside.
    I hope you get the correct ones as it is hard to know which are the good ones. Just remember the company code of ethics tells us we are not to sell on EBAY or AMAZON. Any Saba-ACE distributors that care about their business and customers should follow the company rules.

  21. nathalie said:

    hi I just place my order for ace but throw amazon now am scare that they are not the correct pills I hope they are I hope I don’t regret it or harm my self is there any way that you could tell me how they look and maybe even post a picture if that not much to ask

  22. Wonder you are welcome! :)

  23. let us know if you need anything.

  24. wonder said:

    Thank you!
    Everyone is being very helpful with my questions and concerns.

  25. wonder said:

    Thank you!
    The information you provided really helped. :)

  26. JENN Thank you for your feed back on you experience with ACE

  27. JENN Thanks for you input!

  28. my advice is based on what my doctor recommended to me. Everyone is different ;)

  29. Hi! I take Saba ACE!! In the very beginning I felt very racy (like first week) while taking ACE. Once my body got used to it and I started drinking the right amount of water I was fine. I take my first pill in the morning with breakfast and my second about 3 without food. You should not take your vitamin with ACE. wait about two hours after you take ACE to take your vitamin, I get vitamin b shots and take vitamin b. again. .wait two hours. as for flaxseed I apologize I don’t know what that is. :) hope I helped!

  30. Wonder,
    It is good that you have questions. I always suggest you eat a little something with the ACE. The only one who has compalinde to me, took 2 at one time on empty stomach when first starting..THAT IS NOT RECOMMENDED. I suggest you start with 1 the first day to see how long is will last you. If it wears off by noon,then the next day take the 2nd after noon to get you through the evening snack time. Yes it will be ok to take with your supplements.
    check out this site http://sabaace.info hit on all the tabs it tell more about the product and the company. Give me a call if you like. 270-684-7933

  31. wonder said:

    I’m really wanting to join, but I have many questions….
    Has anyone had problems with it like making them feel sick? Do you take the pill with a meal or do you have to wait after or before? Is it okay that I take my flaxseed oil, b12, and One a Day while taking Ace?

  32. Emily,
    You can try googling (buy ACE name –of town you live in) and see if anything shows up.
    If all else fails I can sell to you direct threough the mail if you would like to do it that way.
    You can save money if you enroll as a preferred customer. Less tha $1.00 a pill. http://weighless.net

  33. Emily Gillard said:

    How do I find a local rep? My rep scooted out on me and now I need to find another.

  34. Rocii,
    There are 2kinds you might find. The new one is black plastic with the name and instructions printed on it. One side you can see the pills through behind the printing.
    The older packaging is a cardboard cover with the name and instructions printed on it. The inside packet is cleofane factory sealed at both ends. Hope this is helpful.

  35. Cassandra,
    You can drink anything but water is very important to helping you lose weight. Try to limit the high sugar drinks and also if you drink a lot of caffeine you should cut back on it. It can make you crave food more and also, to much other caffeine with the ACE could casue some jitters. The ACE doesn’t have much in it..about equal to 1 cup of coffee. The Water helos you wash out the toxins and the fats you lose plus it keeps you hydrated. Most of us don’t drink enough water,period. Thanks for asking.

  36. rocii said:

    Can u tell me what the samples packets look like

  37. Cassandra Martinez said:

    Is water the only thing you can drink?

  38. Susi, sent you email you can call me and I will tell you more about it or you can got to http://extraincome.sababuilder.com and enroll there.
    Would love to have youjoin my team.
    270-684-7933 Thank you for asking!

  39. How can I become a distributer? Can you send me some info please?

  40. Crystal,
    ARe you drinking lots of water? There have been rare cases where they made some sleepy. Hope you are not one of those. Remember they do have a 30 day money back if you are not happy. Hope you can get it through the one your order from on Amazon. Not sure about that.!!!

  41. crystal said:

    yes they were doubled sealed.I just haven’t felt any energy from them and I still feel hungry I even took 2 at one time still felt nothing. Don’t know why iam not feeling what I’ve been reading.

  42. Sounds like you got the real thing. Were they in a double sealed bottle? Wishing you the best results from your ACE. :)

  43. crystal said:

    I also purchased ace thru Amazon my pills are clear coating with greenish inside.what are they supposed to look like?

  44. Ravyn said:

    Thanks Jen… I have been eating around 1300 now but was eating 1000 for a couple weeks. Now down 15 pounds… :)

  45. Never take more than 4 pills a day. Everyone is different but I think I would cut back to at least 2 daily for a while. Be patient cont to work at it and don’t give up. As it has been said you didn’t gain it over night. New health is worth waiting for and working at getting there. Stay positive. :)

  46. Jenn, thank you for your comments and for sharing your ways you are geting you weight off.. Your comments are correct.

  47. Emily may I recommend you add the app myfitnesspal. It is a great app that helps count your calories. Also MEASURE and WEIGH ALL YOUR SERVINGS!!! It’s ALOT OF WORK BUT WORTH EVERY BIT OF IT WHEN THE WEIGHTS COMING OFF!!! I’ve been on ACE for 2 months and 3 days…I count my calories and exercise daily… Down 30lbs. Also my distributor told me only take ACE 6 days a week. Take a rest or as with anything your body get to used to it. Also @Ravyn…1000 calories….THAT’S WAY TO LITTLE…the dietician told me no less then 1200 calories or your body goes into starvation mode. Stay positive girls…as my distributor says…YOU DIDN’T GAIN IT ALL IN A DAY, YOU WILL NOT LOSE IT ALL IN A DAY:)

  48. Emily said:

    I feel better and with energy, too

  49. Emily said:

    Thanks, I will try that. I have several friends who have had amazing results. I am not drinking enough water :(. Is it bad to be on 3 a day?

  50. Emily,
    Sorry to hear you are not have good luck with the weight loss. How about inches are you losing inhes? That was the first thing I noticed was the cloths were getting looser.
    Also are you drinking LOTS of water. It is important to flush out the toxins and keep you fueled. Also if you appetite is cut you must still eat small meals and making better food choices. If you quit eating then you body thinks it is starving and will slow the metabolisum down. Try going off the ACE for 2-3 days, then start back on them again to see if this gives you body a jump start. (For you water amount to know how much you need divide you body weight by 2/3 then that answer is the amount of ounces of water you need to be drinking.) Hope your weight loss journey gets better.

  51. I have not been losing anything on ACE I’m in my 2nd month and up to 3 pills a day. Am i the only one that is having problems? Just wondering what is going on.

  52. thank you for giving us you input.

  53. @Jenn- 15 pounds? That’s great! I tried looking you up on Facebook, but I couldn’t find you… :( I’m Ravyn Hicks- https://www.facebook.com/Ravynn.XD?ref=tn_tnmn
    I just started last week and I started at 184 and now am 180… I think I need to be drinking more water, LOL… I started out drinking a lot but now I have went down to like 8 oz. a day! :/
    If you can send me that chart through Facebook, I’d be so greatful! Thanks!

  54. *sorry 1200-1800 calories a day. I stick closer to 1200

  55. I have been taking ACE for 3 weeks… I’ve lost 15 lbs and I eat what I want. (For the most part) may I recommend you add the app myfitnesspal. It asks you some questions and will help you determine the amount of calories you should eat for the day. I eat between 1200 to 1800 (stay closer to 12 but sometimes it’s just a treat so I go over:) ) and no kidding about drinking LOTS OF WATER!!! I have a chart that was sent to me by my ACE distributer if its ok I can try and post it here but I’m on my phone. Also feel free to add me on Facebook. Jennifer Hofstra… Just send me mes so I know who you are… Always nice to have more encouragement!

  56. You can eat most anything you just have to make wise choices and down size your portions. You don’t want to denie yourself a treat of sweets but yet you don’t want to do them every day either. As far as sweetners I like the Splenda. Lots of the others are really not good for you. Sugar is ok in modertion.
    Drink LOTs OF WATER. It helps wash out the toxins and fats as you lose them, also it is fuel to your body as gas is to a car.
    If you decide to grow yourself and ACE business I will be here to help you along the way,helping and teaching you as you go. All you have to do is keep in communications with me.
    Thank you for reading the blog and asking questions.
    Have a blessed day.

  57. Allison Morgan said:

    HI! I want to get some information on what sweeteners are allowed with Ace. I am a newbie and considering joining your team to be a distributor. I would like some useful information concerning foods you should stay away from that may inhibit the effectiveness of Ace. Thank you!!! :-)

  58. glad you have the real ACE and are doing well with them Keep up the good work

  59. Ravyn said:

    Got the pills are they are good! Drinking 9-12 cups of water a day and 1000 calorie diet…

  60. Marlyn,
    So sorry you got RIPPED OFF. Did you try sending them back. If they advertized as ACE from saba then they should give you the 30 day money back deal also. I would for sure let them know about it.
    I stress again buy only buy from am Indepenmdent Saba~ACE Distributor. This is for your saftey. When you think you are getting a good deal then wind up with something that is who know what..you lose a lot more than you gain. I sure would like to know what is in those blue ones!!

  61. marlyn said:

    i bought some of those pills from amazon i had first did a like the sample packages first to try it then i ordered from amazon the pills was blue and the sample package i had tried first was not blue then i notice all i did was eat so i stop taken them i felt like pills was fae i learned my lesson cause i been taking anything that could have been very harmful to my body be careful….

  62. Ravyn said:

    You too!

  63. That wil be nice. Also remember to drink lots of water. Keep in touch. Have a great evening!:)

  64. Ravyn said:

    Okay thank you! I’m 184 pounds but I look 140 (big bones -____-: blessing and a curse) and I actually want to be 140 pounds. But I will do those before and after pictures :)

  65. Ravyn,
    No one can tell you that as everyones body is different in weightloss. Some people lose faster than others. Heavier people usually lose faster at first also. If I told you a number I would be wrong. So,honest it is up to you and your body. Sorry can’t give you a direct answer to that question. If you would like please take some before and after pictures and share them with us. Wishing you a GREAT ACE weightloss journey.

  66. Ravyn said:

    Thank you so much! But also, what is an average weight people lose in 5 months?

  67. You don’t have to be in my group but if you need anything I am here for you all along the way. If you have questions or concerns please contact me I would be glad to help you on your ACE journey. 270-684-7933 cathy@weighless.net consider yourself adopted by me for your support:)

  68. Thank you! I got some reassurance from that, lol! Can’t wait for them to come in, although I won’t be able to be a part of the ACE support group since I didn’t get them from a distributor…

  69. No the Capsuel is clear. Hope yours are ok also. The people who do the FAKE onse ruin it for the people who are not using the fake ones. Just make sure they are double sealed. Enjoy your ACE! :)

  70. So glad they were ok. I know you will enjoy them very much. Be sure and drink lots of water. You are now onyou way to a new healthy life:)

  71. Ravyn said:

    Jenn, did you happen to order them from a seller named URace? That’s who I ordered mine from… and yes, they were cheaper, but I am still hoping… They should be coming in today so I can see. I actually emailed the seller and he said they were a clear capsule with brown powder inside? Or is the capsule brown as well?

  72. Mine where sealed around both and my pills are just as you described. Thanks! Also they sent me a ACE brochure and the person is based out of Alabama but that’s all it said. Where the consultant name should have been there was nothing. Starting mine today!!!!

  73. praying they are ok. If not keep your paper work if you wish to try to get your money back. If you bought them for less than $1.00 per pill it is against our new code of ethics to be sold that way. Hope you got the real thing. They should be sealed with plastic around the cap of the bottle with what says sealed for your protection and also a seal under the cap. Good luck!

  74. Ravyn said:

    I just ordered ACE off of Amazon too! Hopefully they are the real pills! I talked to one of distributors about it and she said the same thing :( Gosh, this has really got me down.

  75. you would need to get back with the ones you ordered from. Wise to order from a Saba ACE Independnet Distributor for your saftey.
    Hope you cand get it taken care of.

  76. O no! I too am an Amazon sucker!!!! I just bought ACE this morning from Amazon for $45.00. Wonder if I can return them?

  77. They are a really dark brown almost almost charcoal looking. If you open them the powder is even darker than it looks in the capsual

  78. Virginia said:

    What do real ace pills look like??

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