A.C.E Appetite Control Energy-all natural weight loss dietary supplement

IMG_0217Are you ready to be your best?  Ready to lose weight?

We have the tools to help you reach your goals.  We have MEAL REPLACEMENT, X-TREME 5000 for those who are ready for the Extreme!  ACE-Appetite Control and Energy, Evening Appetite Control for those late evening snackers. Something for everyone plus more.  We have the tools to help you succeed!

What are you waiting for.  Get started now and have others asking you how you are looking so good.

http://sabaforlife.com/cathystinnett          to see all the products and you can order retail or as preferred customer for the discount.



Here is what you have been waiting for. Stimulates natural thyroid output. Stimulates Fat burning via (BAT).  Helps you retain Muscle,shape and lose fat.  Helps you feel good with no jitters.

30 money back on product if you are not pleased.   http://sabaforlife.com/cathystinnett

X-Treme 5000 ingredients




join my SABA ACE diet supplement teamTime to start your new year off on the right foot.


Becoming and Independent Distributor of ACE and Saba products can help you do both.

Check out the site   http://extraincome.sababuilder.com

Or call me and I will be happy to tell you how easy it is to get started in your very own business.

No contracts start for as little as $59.00 plus shipping and tax.

Great company to work for and good team work.  I will be here to help you along your business journey.

Get your ACE diet supplement and many other Saba products.  Local– west side– Owensboro Ky

CATHY STINNETT  270-684-7933       email me at   cathy@weighless.net

Call and come by to get your product.  ACE $1.00 per pill.  Factory sealed.

Loyal customers get rewards!!

New-Combo ACE and evening Appetite control


IMG_0209See all the Saba products. 

Ability to buy retail or enroll as a preferred customer to get your discount.

Start your own Saba business helping others get healthier.  This is a wonderful company to work with.

Check out the site   http://sabaforlife.com/cathystinnett

phone  Cathy at 270-684-7933     email me at     cathy@weighless.net



Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Give you friend the gift that will help them meet their NEW YEAR WEIGHT LOSS GOALS.

ACE helps promote energy,helps control appetite, helps you shed unwanted pounds.  All this for $1.00 per pill.

Bottle of 60 for $60.00 …dosage 1-2 pills daily.   Very affordable.  Show them you care!!

for preferred customer discount of $59.00 plus shipping and state tax for bottle of 60 and 7 trial packs.

order here  http://energyandfastweightloss.lovemyace.com

or call 270-684-7933   email   cathy@weighless.net   or go to stinnettssabaace13.stroenvy.com

Thank you for checking out my info on ACE Diet Supplement and the Saba products


take a break 001IMPORTANT  INFORMATION :

PLEASE DOUBLE CLICK LEFT THEN ENLARGE TO READ CLEARLY.    This is a very important step to do while you re taking ACE or when changing from original formula to the NEW ACE DIET SUPPLEMENT FORMULA.

to order your ACE DIET SUPPLEMENT at discount price of $59.00 plus tax and shipping go to  http://energyandfastweightloss.lovemyace.com

to order direct at $1.00 per pill   message me at  cathy@weighless.net   Cathy Stinnett Independent Saba~ACE Distributor


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