A.C.E Appetite Control Energy-all natural weight loss dietary supplement


Adaptogens are one of nature’s little marvels that pack a big punch.

They were discovered in the 1940s and have since been prized for their ability to help the body maintain optimum health thanks to their sustaining, invigorating and stress-fighting properties. They’re plant-based, so think of them as natural resources for nutrition — mining them for healthy living requires an experienced hand that knows precisely which substances to combine in precisely the right way at precisely the right time.

Today, those seven ingredients share one more attribute in common — they’re at the very heart of the Saba and Saba Borojo Weight Loss formulas

And that’s precisely where Saba comes in.

Saba’s Brekhman’s Choice formula contains a unique combination of seven of the thousands of plant varieties rigorously examined by Dr. Israel Brekhman, an internationally renowned research scientist and pioneer in organic medicine. Those select ingredients were selected for his prized formula for their ability to help restore cells to a functional and healthy state. They also help diminish the impact of physical, mental and emotional stress and maximize the ability to perform at full potential. Stress attacks the body from seemingly every angle — in the form of air and water pollutants, chemicals in foods, and through physical activity. And Dr. Brekhman’s combination of these adaptogenic herbal plants fight stress in all forms.

After 45 years of research and more than 3,000 studies, Dr. Brekhman chose these seven plants because they met critical criteria:

      •   They’re safe and nontoxic
      •   They help protect the body from stress
      •   They help restore damaged cells



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