A.C.E Appetite Control Energy-all natural weight loss dietary supplement

I had a new customer to call me this week. She wanted to sign as a preferred customer.

She told me she had bought ACE DIET PILLS from the AMAZON site.

When she opened them, the pills were BLUE…..REAL ACE PILLS  are NOT BLUE.

She said it look like someone had printed a seal label and glued it to a real ACE bottle.


You must be safe.  If she had not known that was the wrong color for ACE…..who knows how that could have turned out.

Just because it is cheaper????? which do you want?????? CHEAP—-or the real thing and SAFE!!!

$1.00 a pill is not too much to pay for a life changing diet supplement.

I am a Saba -ACE Independent Distributor.  All my products are factory sealed.

http://weighless.net   for the preferred customer discount

athy@weighless.net for smaller amounts or direct purchase.   Thank you!  Please be SAFE!


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